About Me & Digital Tools

“Literature provides us with experiences it would not be wise or possible to introduce into our own world and thus enlarges our understanding of the world”

Louise Rosenblatt

In reflecting upon my own educational journey, my initial thoughts about digital tools are profoundly mixed with a sense of awe and caution. Growing up as a digital native in the early 2000s, I was introduced to a world where technology was rapidly evolving, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of learning. From the tactile interactions with traditional books to the dynamic engagements offered by interactive digital storybooks and educational software, these tools not only enriched my learning experience but also broadened my understanding of literacy beyond the printed page. However, this digital immersion wasn’t without its challenges. The advent of social media, while opening new horizons for connection and learning, also exposed me to the complexities of online interactions, including the harsh realities of cyberbullying. This duality of digital tools – as both enablers of vast knowledge and as platforms for potential misuse – has significantly shaped my perspective, instilling a cautious optimism about the role of technology in education. It’s this balanced viewpoint that I carry forward into my own teaching practice, recognizing the immense potential of digital tools in shaping future learning while being acutely aware of the responsibilities they entail.